Cub Scout Advancement

Cub Scouting has the following ranks depending upon the age & school grade of the participant:
tigercubs Completed kindergarten or 7 years old.
bobcat Earned after Tiger Cub rank, but prior to all other ranks.
wolf Completed the 1st grade or 8 years old.
Completed the 2nd grade or 9 years old.
webelos Completed the 3rd grade or 10 years old.
arrowoflight For 5th graders or 10 years old. Earned after completion of the Webelos badge.

Arrow Pointsarrowpoints

Arrow Points are earned after a Cub Scout rank has been obtained and before he completes his grade level. While working on his advancement, a Cub Scout is provided different choices of tasks along the way. Arrow Points are recognition for going above and beyond the minimal requirements for rank advancement.

Belt Loops
The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program is a supplemental enrichment program that complements the existing Cub Scout program. The Academics subjects (17) and Sports activities (21) allow boys to learn new techniques, increase scbeltloopsholarship skills, develop sportsmanship and have fun. The program is designed for Scouts of all ages from Tiger Cubs to Webelos. Activities can be done together in the Den, Pack or Family. The community may also play a crucial resource for accomplishing some requirements. Participation in organized sports teams or school related projects may help the Scout accomplish some of the requirements. We highly encourage Scouts to work on these awards with their parent(s) and earn them apart from the regularly scheduled Den or Pack activities. This allows further development of skills, personal and family growth. As with all activities, Tiger Cubs must involve their partner in accomplishing these achievements.

The belt loops typically require the successful completion of three basic requirements. The pin typically requires the completion of the belt loop and 5 or 6 other more challenging requirements. Scouts may earn either the belt loop or pin more than once; however, in the spirit of Scouting we suggest they broaden their horizons by experiencing a variety of activities.

Activities are broken into two different general categories: Academics and Sports. Each category has many specific skills or activities from which Scouts may choose. The Academics and Sports program encourages a boy to do his best. The purpose of the sports activities is not to win, but to do your best and learn skills while promoting good sportsmanship.

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