Powder Horn Weekend #1
09/12/2014 - 09/14/2014


The Powder Horn course is designed to expose older youth and adult leaders in BSA to safely conduct outdoor/high adventure activities of a fun and challenging nature. It provides an introduction to the resources needed to successfully lead their crews and troops through a program of outdoor adventure. The course is based upon giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high adventure activities and is not a certification event. It is for any youth or adult interested in experiencing a unit-level high adventure program.

The purpose of a Powder Horn course includes:

Safe participation in fun and challenging outdoor activities

Introduction to resources to improve unit programs

Exposure to new and exciting high adventure activities

Help deliver the promise at the unit level

Promoting youth and adults creativity when delivering high adventure programs

Activities may include:

Archery Astronomy

Backpacking Canoeing

COPE Climbing & Rappelling

Conservation Cycling

Equestrian Emergency Preparedness

Geocaching Kayaking

LNT Plants & Wildlife

Sailing Scuba

Shooting Sports Wilderness First Aid

Winter Sports Wilderness Survival

Participants are encouraged to take part in all activities, however “Challenge by Choice” will be followed throughout. Participants will not be forced to engage in any activity in which they feel uncomfortable.

Many Venturers, older Boy Scouts, and adult leaders face the dilemma of having a strong desire for challenging and fun outdoor programs, but lack the knowledge and/or resources to do so. Powder Horn responds to the quandary with an exciting training opportunity that exposes participants to a wide range of outdoor/high adventure activities. More importantly, Powder Horn assists them in delivering the promise of Scouting’s high adventure to youth.