Check In

  • During the online registration process, the Scout must enter in the Scoutmaster's name and email address. Once registration closes we will email a roster to each Scoutmaster
  • We are asking that the Scouts check in as a Troop.
  • Be on time and ready, doors open at 8:00 a.m., troops must be checked in by 8:40 a.m. Provide adequate transportation to and from the school. Parking is at a premium so carpooling is recommended. Scouts must depart the school at the end of classes. Have Scouts assemble in cafeteria for departure. If your troop is not providing transportation, adequate adult supervision must be with Scouts at all times until the last Scouts leaves. Scouts will not be allowed out of classrooms, except during breaks. Units will provide adult leaders for supervision of hallways. Each unit participating must have at least two adult leaders at the event to provide proper supervision.
  • Scouts will not be allowed out of the cafeteria area during lunch. Do not take Scouts out of the building during lunch. The concession stand will be closed to Scouts during class time.
  • Some merit badges have pre-requisites and fees.
  • Scouts are required to provide their own Blue Card, which has been signed by the Scoutmaster.
  • Scouts, who do not complete all requirements for the merit badge, must complete the requirements at the troop level.