Advance-a-Rama Merit Badge Requirements & Prerequisites







Limit 10 people. Your instructor recommends the Delta Flight Museum to satisfy prerequisite 4c. Admission is $12/person for adults, and it is located at the Delta Airlines World Headquarters at the Atlanta airport. More info at Advantage to visiting a museum rather than an airport or control tower? No FAA or TSA security to get through!


#4b, #5e, #7, #8d, #9




 AM Class

Citizenship in the

#3, #4, #5, #8

 Please come prepared to share your presentation in class. Please, no more than the allotted time required will be allowed as we will have several scouts needing time to get this done.


We will not complete this merit badge in class unless you bring proof of your completed prerequisites, so come prepared with all of those so we can get you signed off for the badge.


I expect that we will have some lively discussions, so be ready! We'll have fun!

Citizenship in the

#2, #3, #8


Citizenship in the

#3a, #7a, #7b

 Although there are no prerequisites as such, the class will run smoother with a little advance preparation. There are a few requirements that require limited research and there won’t be computers available for our use. Internet access for smart phones can be spotty inside schools so it would help if the Scout can print and bring materials to class for the following requirements:

3a – Select a foreign country & discuss its geography, natural resources & climate. [Go directly to the country’s website or to the US State department website ( and select a country from the Country Profile drop-down.]

7a – Visit the website of the US State department. Learn more about an issue you find interesting.

7b – Visit the website of an international news organization or foreign government. Find a news story about a human right realized in the US that is not recognized in another country

If you have recent issues of news magazines such as Time, please bring them along as well.

We’ll have a guest speaker come in to help fulfill 7c.

Coin Collecting

#6, #7, #9

AM Class


#1A, #1B, #5, #7, #8


Digital Technology

#6, #9, Cyber Chip

Bring your Digital Technology merit badge pamphlet and workbook to class. Pre-requisites will be reviewed during class.





#2, #4




Must pay $20 fee for electronics kit when registering

Please bring safety goggles, pencil and the merit badge book to class.


#1, #2c, #9b

 This is an active merit badge class, not all lecture, and you will be participating in physical activities, including a mobilization and emergency preparedness drill, that will take place outdoors. It is recommended that you review first aid and patient transportation skills prior to class. We will accept volunteers to be "victims" in the emergency drill.



PM Class

First Aid

#1, #2d


Game Design

#1a, #4abc, #5ac, #8, bring a notebook and all items and resources needed from #5c to prototype your game in #5ac 

Note:  We will not have equipment or time to design games in the electronic medium so be prepared to design a game in another medium.


#2 and #3. 2a or 2b is acceptable, but 2b requires 2 weeks, so plan ahead.

Access to would be helpful, but not necessary. Preparation into family history data for requirements 6 and 7 would be useful, but not required.


#1, #3

PM Class

For requirement #1 - Bring three pieces of music and be prepared to play or sing one of them.

For requirement #3 - If you chose #3C as one of your options, bring signed documentation from your band, orchestra or choral director.


#1, #2, #8, #9, #10

For requirement #10 - Scouts need to bring information on the career of their choice and be prepared to discuss. 



AM & PM Class

Requirement 4 - requires advance approval of the counselor so it's really a post-requisite – the Scout can get the merit badge counselor's approval at AAR and e-mail a power point presentation to them later.
If a Scout really wants to complete the merit badge that day, he can e-mail his plan to the merit badge counselor in advance, get their okay, then bring the completed project with him to AAR. 



Bring proof that you have earned the Cyber chip (

Pulp & Paper





 Workbooks will be provided for everyone. Please remember to bring a pen.



This Robotics Merit Badge class is intended to provide the knowledge needed to complete the MB requirements outside of the class. 

The Scout will leave understanding the fundamentals of the field of robotics, along with the detailed knowledge required to actually design, build program, test and demonstrate the Scout's own robot. 

The robot's design will start during the class; the Scout's ideas will be refined and focused to help ensure successful completion of his project. 

The counselor will provide continuing assistance after the class, including the opportunity to visit a highly successful FIRST robotics team during the team's preparation for an upcoming competition, as well as visiting the "pits" in the upcoming competition at Gwinnett Center in March.

Prior to attending the class, each Scout must:

1. Research the origin and definition of the word "robot."  Who came up with it and what is its history?

2. Research the origin and definition of the word "robotics."  Who came up with it and where?

3. If you could build your own robot without any worry of financial or other resource limitations, what would it look like and do?  This should be a realistic idea, something that can be accomplished with current technology.  Assume you have an experienced robotics team helping you.Pleathe counselor will give him credit for that work.  The counselor may be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



AM Class

Scouting Heritage


PM Class

Search and Rescue

#5, #9, #10



#2: Water A, Food A,  Energy A and (B or C), Stuff A, #4 (2 of A-F), #6



Wilderness Survival

#5, #6, #8

Requirement #5 – Bring this kit with you to class
Requirement #8 - Bring a tarp (6x8 or similar) to class to review this requirement.